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Data quality is monitored on-line real time to avoid reruns. Severe defects may be marked on the pipeline on-the-fly. 

High precision odometer with accuracy in fractions of a foot, reading forward and backwards, combined with nearby pipeline features and o'clock position assures precise defect location. 

Modular magnetic and sensor assemblies supported on long life wheels allow for quick adaption to pipeline diameter and real time inspection in restricted areas of short or long sections of non-piggable systems.


Embedded data acquisition electronics and real-time data transmission to laptop PC on site. 


GIP can be used in sub-sea applications with the same results.


A complete software management system allows for table views of defects as well as pipeline accessories such as taps, valves and supports, assuring quick defect location. A Pipeline Coverage View is provided with zooming features to graphically navigate on the report results. MFL signal visualization is as close as a mouse click on the defect table entry. Line graph, color graph or gray scale graphing is immediately available. Software coordinates data merger to assure integrated analysis when multiple scans are required to cover the full pipe circumference.

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