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The XYZ mapping procedure is used to determine the pipeline spatial position based on data obtained from an inertial platform.


The basic component of the system is an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), which consists of a group of Gyroscopes and Acelerometers. Electronic systems and software control the sensor's operations to correct measurement errors cause by environmental variations.


Based on the data measured during the pig inspection, the trajectory of a tool movement is determined, providing, on a time basis scale, the x,y and z coordinates of the pig location.


In order to improve the position accuracy, the inertial data is corrected with the usage of known DGPS coordinates locations and/or AGMs (Above Ground Markers) placed along the pipeline trail during the pig survey. Then the coordinates are converted in accordance with the coordinate system specified by the pipeline operator/owner.



  • GPS Location of Pipeline Features


  • Generate 3D Pipeline Mapping and Profile


  • Bending Strain Determination


  • Helps Identify Pipeline Movement


  • ​Can be used as a Combo with a Caliper Pig

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