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High data sampling rates and special software features allow large variation of velocity with acceptable results, a must for typical compressed air propulsion used commonly in construction jobs. Accurate data allows new pipeline commissioning based on valid data.


Longitudinal distance measurement to assure accurate location of anomalies uses the same odometer system as MFL tools. Magnetic sensors give 3 digital ticks per foot and analog sinusoid quadrature signals to allow for distance interpolation and forward/backward movement discrimination.

Individually calibrated magnetic based displacement sensors are strategically placed inside the cup for the ultimate in robustness.


Full data recording provides for best data analysis. Unique graphical representations for tool signal were developed by PipeWay to best characterize line features and defects. An animated section view, a min/max diameter view and a 3D view are available with the software supplied to the user. Software allows clients to manage defect, weld and pipeline features tables as well as view raw data.

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