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Due to the characteristics of internal general corrosion, channeling corrosion, and general wall thinning (erosion), MFL ILI tools have limitations on detection and sizing. PipeWay’s Porcupine ILI solves that problem. Instead of no detection at wall or the detection of only deeper defects in an already corroded area, “true” internal wall mapping is obtained.


Magnetic based displacement sensors measure wall position with respect to tool center, indicating both metal loss and deposits such as hard wax or scale. Tools operate the same in liquid or gas pipelines.


Individually calibrated sensors provide for high precision, with resolution up to 0.004” on local wall changes. Sensors are placed in offset rings to maximize pipeline coverage. The 1/4” combined typical sensor distance provides high resolution defect detection and sizing.


Sophisticated mathematics embedded in the wall search technique compensate for issues such as wall thickness variations from nominal value for both minor and major changes. This technique also deals with normal pipeline ovalities, up to 1% OD. In addition, natural varying tool displacements from pipe center axis is also compensated for using the same system.


Unique concepts behind tool design, analysis and data management software allow the Porcupine as a “stand alone” tool or combined with MFL modules in a single ILI tool, able to do internal and external inspection in a single passage. 



Full data recording provides for best data analysis. Unique graphical representations for tool signal were developed by PipeWay to best characterize line features and defects. An animated section view, a min/max diameter view and a 3D view are available with the software supplied to the user. Software allows clients to manage defect, weld and pipeline features tables as well as view raw data.


Data from the Porcupine may be compared with MFL signals from PipeWay runs or with defect tables from competitor’s surveys, on a joint by joint basis. Special software tools give the ability for comparison with an integrated internal/external report when the runs are combined.

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