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Rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets power the magnetizer of the inspection unit, providing the ultimate strength to meet most pipeline wall thicknesses for the best feature detection and sizing. Special designs can cover extra heavy wall applications. ILI tool drive section is the sealing unit that pulls the pig through the pipeline. All sizes of the ILI tool can accommodate multiple wall thickness in the same run.


Longitudinal distance measurement to assure accurate location of anomalies. Magnetic sensors give 3 digital ticks per foot and analog sinusoid quadrature signals to allow for distance interpolation and forward/backward movement discrimination.


Closely spaced individually calibrated Hall-effect sensors measure the magnetic flux and record MFL leakage caused by anomalies in Gauss units. A typical ¼” nominal sensor spacing provides for a true High Resolution inspection result.


ID/OD Sensors discriminate between internal and external anomalies. Each signal captured by the sensor is compared with the signals captured with the array of Hall-effect sensors monitoring the total body wall response to the magnetic field.


All tools are articulated for short capsule length to achieve bend radius of 1.5 D. The versatility of adding or removing modules allows the recording life of the tool to be changed with batteries to meet most pipeline lengths.

PipeWay’s policy is “continuous improvement” committed to meet every pipeline challenge to fulfill our clients requirements.

Up-to-date computer hardware and components, flash memories and signal conditioning electronics record the signals from the sensors in full, without any filtering criteria, to allow for best post-run signal analysis and comparison with future runs.

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